• “I think everybody realized the benefit of knowing how many hits above a certain threshold occurred and what happened to that player.” – Doctor Julian Bailes, Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute

  • “I believe Shockbox is a unit that that can bring us a sense of awareness. We can react and have proof that we are taking care and considering the overall well-being of the rider.” – Sandra Fraser, Byden Farm

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Shockbox Factory Reset

Given the ever-changing and evolving nature of technology, occasionally the Shockbox Sensors may need to be reset to connect to the app. The following procedure and tutorial will allow you to reset the device:


1- Plug the Shockbox Sensor into the wall charger and when it is fully charged the Blue LED light will illuminate

2- Press and hold down the orange button on the Shockbox Sensor while you unplug the cord

3- Keep holding the button until the LED light goes from Yellow, to Orange to Green

4-Your Sensor is now reset and ready to pair to your Bluetooth Device

5- Make sure you turn your Bluetooth off, and then on again one

6- Press and hold the Orange button until the LED flashes Yellow, you are now ready to pair your device

7- The Shockbox sensor should appear now as an option on your Bluetooth device options, select it and connect

8- Once your Bluetooth is connected to your smartphone, you can open the Shockbox App and the sensor should connect the app