• “I believe Shockbox is a unit that that can bring us a sense of awareness. We can react and have proof that we are taking care and considering the overall well-being of the rider.” – Sandra Fraser, Byden Farm

  • “I think everybody realized the benefit of knowing how many hits above a certain threshold occurred and what happened to that player.” – Doctor Julian Bailes, Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute

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Shockbox Cloud

Shockbox Cloud is the latest development from the Impakt labs and generates the big data picture for youth sports head impact awareness.

Shockbox Cloud is a web based secure server that hosts your players, team’s or entire league data in one location. Using a highly intuitive graphic user dashboard, easy metrics are available at a single mouse click to see impact trends or at risk players.

1. Download the Shockbox App

2. Register for Cloud

3. Start using your Shockbox helmet sensor

4.View alerts on your smartphone

5. Login online to view your player’s data

Shockbox Cloud helmet sensors server

Shockbox sensors send data to the ShockboxCloud wirelessly












Key Features

  • Register and sign-in via the smartphone App
  • Ideal for parents, Athletic Trainers, coaches or Administrators
  • Compare teams or individual players
  • View the range of head impacts in color codes bands
  • View impacts by direction on the head
  • See impacts on a timeline by week or month or year
  • Create new teams and add/remove players
  • View player Hit Count® levels to see at risk players


ShockboxCloud screenshot

Shockbox Cloud Dashboard View













Contact us to outfit your whole team with Shockbox helmet sensors & Shockbox Cloud.

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