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Football Helmet Sensors

Strength and speed are elements required for successful careers in football. As these two components create more success on the field they also create more dangers, and the possibility of more serious concussions. Parents, Athletic trainers and coaches must seek more innovative ways of protecting players from injury. When the Shockbox helmet sensors are attached to a player’s football helmet, it allows real-time assessment of head impact levels. Shockbox helmet sensors are the resource you need to be proactive about concussions. Shockbox helmet sensors connect easily to most helmets and are compatible with Apple, Android, and Blackberry products.


Who is using Shockbox Helmet Sensors?

Gatineau Vikings Football- Shockbox Helmet SensorsNewcastle Racer High School Football- Shockbox Helmet SensorsRockledge Raiders High School Football- Shockbox Helmet SensorsHoffman Redhawks- POP Warner Football- Shockbox Helmet SensorsSaskatoon Minor FootballWeber State University Football- Shockbox Helmet SensorsGlenOak Eagle- Shockbox Helmet SensorsFuries Football- Shockbox Helmet SensorsRookies Football - Shockbox Helmet SensorsBishop Heelan- Shockbox Helmet SensorsStrawberry Crest- Shockbox Helmet SensorsGoodpasture Christian H.S.- Shockbox Helmet Sensors Oldham Colonels -Shockbox Helmet Sensor


Key Features




Software App

Shockbox uses a free downloadable App for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices.
The easy to use dashboard gives you quick access to all features:
  • View Player menu (over 125 players at a time)
  • Add/ modify player information
  • View all impacts at team level
  • View individual player impact history
  • Add and manage contact alert settings
  • View sensor battery status
  • Set sensor settings and impact alert thresholds
  • Export all player data as MS Excel data file
Shockbox helmet sensor Software Features

Shockbox helmet sensor Software Features

Player Assessment Module

Shockbox uses includes a mini SCAT (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) to aid parents, coaches and Athletic Trainers in recording player symptoms and notes after an impact alert. This feature is meant to be a record keeping tool and not a substitute for physician assessment of concussion. The Assessment module contains the following features:
  • Player observed and reported Symptoms (checklist without grading score)
  • Randomized Maddocks and Cognitive Assessment questions
  • Modified (sharpened) Romberg balance test
Shockbox Player Assessment Software

Shockbox Player Assessment Software

System Features

Note: Blackberry OS10 not supported

Football Helmet Sensors

Football Helmet Sensors

The Shockbox Helmet Sensors for Football is designed to be attached to the inside of a football helmet. The sensor provides an immediate wireless transmission to your Smartphone, via Bluetooth® that the player has experienced a head impact that could result in a concussion. This takes the guess work away from determining when to take a player off the field and seek medical advice.


• Free Smartphone Apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry (not Z10)
• Pair entire team to 1 phone
• Records date, time, hit direction and force estimate
• Tracks hit count details for each player
• Allows data to be forwarded via email or SMS
• Simple - easy to use software and sensor
• Affordable - no large installation costs
• Battery status and pairing button on sensor

• Attaches inside helmet with Velcro (easy removal)
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