• “I believe Shockbox is a unit that that can bring us a sense of awareness. We can react and have proof that we are taking care and considering the overall well-being of the rider.” – Sandra Fraser, Byden Farm

  • “I think everybody realized the benefit of knowing how many hits above a certain threshold occurred and what happened to that player.” – Doctor Julian Bailes, Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute

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i1 Biometrics Acquires Shockbox™

    i1 BIOMETRICS™ ACQUIRES SHOCKBOX™ i1 Biometrics Emerges as Category Leader for Sports Wearable Technology in Concussion Management KIRKLAND, Washington – (June 2, 2015) – i1 Biometrics, a leading sports wearable technology company that has developed the Vector™ MouthGuard with ESP™ Chip Technology, announced today it has acquired Shockbox from Impakt Protective, Inc. The […] read more...