• “I think everybody realized the benefit of knowing how many hits above a certain threshold occurred and what happened to that player.” – Doctor Julian Bailes, Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute

  • “I believe Shockbox is a unit that that can bring us a sense of awareness. We can react and have proof that we are taking care and considering the overall well-being of the rider.” – Sandra Fraser, Byden Farm

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Shockbox football sensors on Frisco Fury

In the US, there are approximately 10 million youths involved in sporting activities.

i1 Biometrics believes in the value of athletics, but knows that youth sports can be made safer and smarter. Community has always been a driving factor to i1 Biometrics. Working together, we have a chance to accomplish a paradigm shift in the way we talk about sports safety in this country.